Increased mindfulness can help our children improve in abilities to pay attention, succeed, focus, have higher awareness and emotional intelligence. Emotional regulation and cognitive focus are increasingly becoming problems in today’s society. Being an occupational therapist in NYC, an overly stimulating and competitive place, kids are always occupied, overstimulated, overexposed, and don’t have time for it. Neither do parents! 
How can we help ourselves?

  1. Take walks and talk to your kids about what you see 
  2. Observe and listen to the sounds 
  3. Disconnect from your devices for a few minutes!
  4. Listen to instrumental music
  5. Lay in the park and look at the sky
  6. Look UP! In NYC all we see is where we are going and fail to look at the beautiful buildings and architecture above us. Look at the sky. Look at the trees and birds – they do exist in NYC

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