Searching for a Nanny: Part I

One of the most daunting things as a mother for me was finding a nanny.

Finding the right nanny is extremely important. I decided to write this post because so many of my friends want to know what to ask when meeting and interviewing nannies, and how they know they have found “the one”. Its important…this person (initially a stranger) is going to be caring for your child for a majority of the day or week, feeding them, bathing them, and for me, most importantly…loving them.

Where to find a nanny in NYC?

There are many rescources to help one find a nanny or babysitter. I personally found my first sitter on this app called sittercity. It was wonderful – I put up an ad, got more than enough responses, and invited those that I liked on the phone to come in for an interview.

Here are the sites and ways you can look:

Sittercity   (site and app)
– good resource to find a full time nanny in NYC. I found my first nanny on here and it worked out well.

*Urbansitter (site and app)
– I like this one now better and use it even when I travel to find a sitter for a night or two. There are background checks, reviews, and statistics listed telling you how many times this sitter has been use, how many repeat families use this sitter. You can schedule a phone or virtual interview with them before they come to babysit as well.

Facebook Pages
– Every borough in NYC has a facebook page for mommies. The largest two are UES MOMMAS and UWS MOMMAS. There is one for downtown mommies, BK mommies, etc. I find a lot of people, even myself, posting on there for a trusted nanny, or advertising for nannies that have to leave their respective families.
Word of mouth
– A lot of friends have referred and also others get nannies from other friends in the area. They have “aunty ji’s” that come from queens, or the bronx, are homely, cook, clean, and care for your child.
– one of the longest running nanny finding sites

How early should I start looking? I have to go back to work…

I recommend to start looking two months before you need to go back to work. This gives you time to interview, test run (have her come babysit or come for a few days), spend time at home while the nanny is around taking care of your child, and educate her on your ways and wants. Remember, this is your child – so she should be following your rules and your ways. If he or she is on a sleep routine or specific feeding routine, the nanny should respect that. Also, if its not a good fit, you have time to find someone else.

What are some things you do to see if the nanny is a good fit with you?

There are many ways to find a nanny in NYC, and there is no shortage of them. You have to know what you want before your start looking. For example, I wanted a spanish speaking or Desi nanny initially, as there would be an aspect of culture being brought to baby M. Also, I know that they would be able to help a little around the house as well. If Mahaan is exposed to another culture aside from American, he would get more exposure, which was important for me. Another thing I wanted to focus on was the warmness and love they would give my child. I wanted someone that would t

ake care and not be on their phone when around the baby. Often I see, tons of nannies on their cell phones, walking through the sales at ZARA, with kids crying or sitting there, unengaged. Unless you’re getting some groceries or taking the kid to a park or playdate, there should be no reason to have that child in a retail store so you can do your personal shopping.

This post got a little long, so I’m breaking it up into two. Keep an eye out for the next post, the interview and hiring process!




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