Current Events: Whats going on in politics? Hillary or Bernie?

Being a mom, you rarely leave the apartment or have time to even care whats going on in the world. When you meet people, its mainly all baby talk, or asking other people whats going on with them. The worst is when any talk becomes about whats going on in the world, the news, the weather…because seriously who as a mom with a baby at home has any time to watch the news, let alone read an article about whats going on when you have no idea what was going on before.

So i’m going to also update you, my mommy readers, on current events.

Todays post is just a huge update on what just happened today, and a summary of the Democratic runners and what they stand for.

  1. Marco Rubio just dropped out of the election. This is big news! and sad.  This leaves Trump (Drumf), and Ted Cruz. I personally don’t like either of them
  2. Hillary and Bernie…Hillary is right now winning a chunk of the primaries, but Bernie is giving her a big challenge and is an obstacle for her. Here is a chart from Business Insider that gave me a lot of perspective.

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