Similac 2 oz bottles: my savior

From day 1, when we had our baby, we were pro breast feeding. Why? Because of the many benefits, the nurturing aspect, and I loved the bond it formed with me and my son.

BUT when I first had baby M, there was a time where I was up every 2 hours and was unable to get a few hours of sleep in a row. I was trying to pump but wasn’t pumping enough mil41eE3JEM7iL._SY355_k out. Thats when I decided to turn to….drumroll please…Similac formula – 2 ounce bottles…and it seriously became my savior.

Why? Many reasons aside from the obvious benefits of formula:

  • When you can’t feed or are too exhausted, give someone a bottle to give the baby, gives you a break or rest
  • Easy to assemble, no mix or water required. Open the screw top, screw on the nipple (comes in the box), and feed (even when he’s in the stroller, subway, plane, taxi…I’ve done it everywhere)
  • I always kept these in my diaper bag (and still do at 10 months!). When baby cries in the stroller or car seat, its a quick fix when you can’t find food or make a bottle.
  • The 2 oz bottles are great vs the 8 oz offered. 2 oz can be finished in the hour window before it goes sour/bad…an 8 oz typically can’t be finished and most will go to waste. If baby needs more, pop open another bottle. I usually keep 5-8 bottles in my diaper bag when on the go in the city.
  • When traveling, these are so handy. I took 5 boxes with me to Japan for a 10 day trip. Japan was the most baby friendly country, with nursing rooms in stores…you name it. But there are places where you can’t nurse or in the airplane where you not always feel so open about doing it, especially depending on the cultures of countries you’re in.
  • In NYC, most places are not baby friendly. There isn’t always space available in a restaurant or on the subway to feed, so you bring out a little 2 oz bottle and waaalaa!
  • I saved, washed and sterilized the bottles and covers they come in. I usually still keep at least 5 sterilized bottles around, which I use when traveling to put my baby toiletries in. I put baby wash in one (why carry around a huge bottle?), baby dish soap in another (very very useful in hotels to wash bottles), and baby laundry detergent in another (hand wash poopy or leaked on onesies or clothes, or hand wash clothes so you don’t have to pack so much when traveling)
  • These are great in getting your baby used to formula as well when weaning breastfeeding.


You can buy these bottles on the go pretty much anywhere from Walmart to CVS. Which is also great because when traveling domestically, if you run out, you can just run to a store and buy another box.

We usually buy them in bulk through Amazon. One case comes in a set of 8 boxes, each of which contains 8 2 oz bottles.



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