Recipe: Dalia- cracked indian wheat porridge

This is a great indian porridge I grew up eating and decided to try with baby M. Super easy to make and with infinite health benefits, cracked wheat is healthy and filling. You can even make enough for yourself!  My grandma and mom used to make this – coming from the wheat mill in my grandparents village. Not only that, it is SUPER easy to make in a slow cooker overnight.




  1. 1 cup broken wheat (Dalia)
  2. 4 cups water (you can use milk to make it heavy and ONLY if your baby is more than a year old)
  3. Spices to taste (you can add fennel, cinnamon, blueberries, whatever you want)
  4. Sweet (1/2 mashed banana or small pieces of apple)


  1. Wash the wheat in 1 cold water rinse
  2. Place wheat in slow cooker
  3. Add water
  4. Add spices you choose (keep this to a minimal)
  5. Cook overnight on low setting
  6. In the morning, wake up and add your sweet if you choose to
  7. Add water to thin for consistency
  8. Serve


* dalia can be dry roasted till it emits a nutty fragrance and then blended into a powder.

*If it is for yourself, you are welcome to add sugar or brown sugar as well..but NOT for baby!



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