Developmental Milestones..Is my baby hitting them?

As an OT, it’s a constant stream of questions going through my head as to whether Baby M is hitting his milestones on time.  I’m always trying to enable him to reach them by helping prompt his body to move, reach, cross midline, and currently to get him to pull to stand. Not only that, as a mother, I see and constantly compare (as does every other parent…come on..we all do it) where my child is in comparison to others.

Since I started baby M in music class and playdates…all post 6 was a serious reality check. Wow, I thought my kid was ahead of the game…but he’s not!! We have seen kids crawling at 7 months, pull to stand at 9 months and even walking with a walker at 10 months. My poor M, now 10 months only military crawls and if he doesn’t have to pull to stand, he won’t push himself to.

Its normal, we all compare. But instead of comparing its always good to realize and accept that each child is different. What one can do another can’t but maybe theres something the other can’t do either which yours can. No matter what, everyone will learn to talk, walk, and roll whenever he or she is ready…we all did!

Heres an easy chart from “The Bump” to help put it all in perspective…

20130906 sense-motor skills


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