NYC winters – what to wear

Now growing up as a first generation indian, when it got cold (as in 40 degrees or less), out came the leg warmers, large knitted hats, puffy jackets, scarves, and boots – yes boots, even if it wasn’t snowing out. My mom made me even put snow pants on at times, and I remember I could barely waddle up the steps to school. If you grew up like me, you were the only brown kid on the school bus or at school that actually had layers of undershirts and clothes on and arrived to school sweating…I’m sure you can relate.

A lot of my friends that live in the suburbs I also notice, don’t bundle their kids like their parents did. I, on the other hand, now being a mother and constantly having to be outdoors to get from one place to another, do realize the importance our parents felt in the need to bundle us up, and don’t blame them.

With my 9 month old, December – March in NYC get pretty chilly out. And you have two options here:
A) Stay cooped up in your apartment all day

B) Get out for a cup of coffee, run some errands, and take baby M with you

Travel in NYC is very different than popping your kid in the car from your garage and getting out. Theres always a strategy, a plan, and yes, a backup plan.

Example a: Its Saturday morning – time to spend that day going out with the family to run some errands, explore a new area of Manhattan. Its pretty cold out, with a chance of snow or rain, and it will probably take 40 minutes to get to our location.

Heres whats going on in my head: I gotta pack M’s food/still have to shower him/gotta pack and make two bottles and have formula for backup/If it snows I need his rain cover/my phone battery is at 4% i should plug that in now/Need to refill the diapers in his diaper bag/Need to put in fresh water in his sippy cup/need to make sure the rain cover for the stroller is with us/need to change diaper before leaving/need to layer him and i mean LAYER him up/need to grab my keys….(its a constant chatter in my head until we are out the door)

So…this is what we end up taking and what M is wearing:

onesie (long sleeved)
long sleeved shirt
shoes (if no shoes then two layers of socks)
….and put all that on him and stick him in the 7am enfant body stroller sock thing
Lets stick a hat on top as well, just to make sure his head stays extra warm

He usually stays fairly warm as I’m constantly checking his head and cheek for his body temperature

..and you know what? He’s always sweating when I take him out…and thats when I think back to those elementary school days and smile

I know i got it right!

Products I like: The 7 A.M. Enfant

I only have one item from this company, and it is their Blanket 212 Evolution. Being in the city, this thing has been a lifesaver!

  • it adjusts with the size of the baby, big and small
  • Super warm, you can just throw baby in, no jacket or shoes, and you know he will be very warm and cozy
  • its definitely worth the price
  • fits in most strollers and carseats
  • the hood on top keeps the baby in a cocoon, and it can be opened as well if it gets too warm203936201409c





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